Planting hyacinths - this is how it's done

Planting hyacinths - this is how it's done

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If you plant hyacinths, you can enjoy their flowers in spring. There are a number of things to consider when planting. Read what exactly here.

Hyacinths are among the harbingers of spring

Hyacinths are among the harbingers of spring and delight us time and time again with their voluminous flowers. The approximately 20 to 30 centimeters tall flowers of the hyacinth develop outdoors from around March to May.

In gardening stores, hyacinths are mostly offered in the colors blue, violet, white, pale yellow and pink, which can be used to create beautiful decorations in the garden bed and in flower pots. However, you should always keep in mind that hyacinths are poisonous plants, which is why you should definitely keep children away from flowering.

" Tip:

Hyacinths are also ideal for planting graves.

Put hyacinth onions

Hyacinths have extremely large bulbs, which you have to dig at least 5 to 10 centimeters deep into the ground at the end of October (depending on the size of the bulb and expected frost temperatures), so that the hyacinth blossom can also develop splendidly in spring. Ideally, you should enrich the designated, preferably sunny to partially shaded location with compost beforehand. The distance between the individual bulbs should then be at least 15 centimeters when planting.

By the way:

A well maintained hyacinth bulb has a lifespan of up to 10 years and more!

Cultivate hyacinths

As such, hyacinths are fairly easy to care for. You just have to make sure that the soil around the hyacinths is always moderately moist (but avoid waterlogging). It is usually not necessary to add fertilizer outdoors if the soil is particularly nutritious.

Dig up onions

As soon as the flowers wither and the leaves turn yellow, you should cut off the hyacinths. Then you have the option of leaving the hardy flower bulbs in the bed or digging them out again. Then you should clean and dry the bulbs well before planting them again in October. The advantage of digging out is that voles cannot damage the onions.

" Tip:

Over the winter months you can let the hyacinths sprout in a glass. However, the plants are then no longer suitable for subsequent outdoor cultivation.