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Witch hazel - cultivation and care

Witch hazel - cultivation and care

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Flowering witch hazel is a real eye-catcher in the wintry garden. Find out everything you need to know about planting and caring for the witch hazel here.

Eye-catcher in the garden: the witch hazel

The witch hazel (witch hazel) is one of the pure winter bloomers and resembles the hazelnut tree in its branches. Depending on the variety, it can grow up to 5 meters high and spread out nicely. However, you can keep a witch hazel correspondingly smaller in the spring by regular, but preferably short cuts. Or you generally use a small growing variety (e.g. Arnold Promise or Diane).

" Tip: Regular corrections can handle a witch hazel better than a strong pruning. Because the old wood of the tree heals very badly at the interfaces. In principle, a witch hazel does not have to be cut at all.

In addition, the witch hazel with its yellow, orange and red winter blossoms (from around January) exudes a very pleasant fragrance in the garden, which invites you to linger!

Plant witch hazel - location

Witch hazelnuts are not very demanding, but prefer a sunny to partially shaded location, where possible protected from the wind (e.g. near a house wall). Ideally, you should buy the witch hazel as a container plant and plant it in a humus-rich, loosened soil in autumn - the growing time is then 2 to 3 years!

" Tip: You have to keep a clear distance from other trees, because the witch hazel does not tolerate root competition in the immediate vicinity!

In addition, you should choose the location for a witch hazel very carefully and aiming for a long life if possible. Because this type of witch hazel can hardly be moved and can often no longer bloom for several years.

Caring for witch hazel

In general, you should regularly loosen the soil around the witch hazel. You can also pile the soil around the trunk with a layer of mulch. This then stores enough moisture.

" Tip: Before you accumulate the mulch layer, you should always work enough compost (nutrients) into the soil - preferably in spring.

You have to water the witch hazel regularly on dry summer days. Otherwise, it hardly shows its great bloom in winter. But also strong permafrost can delay the flowering of the witch hazel a little bit later - into February / March.

In late summer or early autumn, you should once again provide the witch hazel with a nutrient fertilizer.


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