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Creating a perennial border - tips for the design

Creating a perennial border - tips for the design

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If you want a garden that blooms all year round, you should create a herbaceous border. Here are a few design tips for it.

Just put on a monochrome perennial border

Tip 1 - Perennial beds planted in one color

A really elegant garden trend that was created by large nurseries: plain-colored planted herbaceous beds. Here the harmoniously arranged floral splendor works in itself and attracts admiring looks everywhere. It is the color itself that stands in the foreground and allows the individual flowers to merge into a complete unit.

Tip 2 - color selection

The color choices are white, yellow, pink, orange, red and blue flower beds. Always in combination with a refreshing garden green, which is primarily defined by the petals. However, neutral green plants, such as small boxwood edging or the fern in the penumbra, can easily help design a single-colored flower bed.

Tip 3 - Blooming seasons

A colored flower bed should also be based on the seasons, so that it blooms permanently from early spring to autumn.


White perennials in the perennial border -

Explained on the basis of the white flower bed, Christmas roses and snowdrops ensure that the flowers bloom very early. It is quickly followed by the white crocus, March mug, white daffodils and tulips. Already in April, the white evergreen blooms, an easy-care ground cover. Also slowly the white clematis, azaleas, white peonies, a may flower shrub, the columbine, lupins and the pretty snowball. In summer, white roses, delphiniums, hydrangeas, the goatee, ball thistles, daisies, etc. grace the white flower bed. And from late summer to autumn, lilies, autumn anemones, asters and dahlias slowly complete the white flowers.

Tip 4 - flower selection

The choice of flowers is really gigantic in all colors. For the most part, the perennial plants are extremely easy to care for, so that a single-colored perennial border can be recommended to every gardener. It is advisable to take a closer look at the range of herbaceous plants in the nearby nursery. Many nurseries even recommend plant arrangements within their range for the monochrome perennial border. This means that a first selection of flowers can then be put together. Experience has shown that new plants are added over the years until the monochrome bloom is really complete.