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Fat men - tips for care

Fat men - tips for care

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The so-called fat man is an evergreen ground cover. Here are our tips for planting and caring for this great ground cover.

The fat man is a great plant for the shade

Perfect shade plant

How often does the gardener wonder what to plant in the shade areas in the garden? Fern, grass and ivy always create a sad unified image. This is remedied by the easy-care, fat man who blooms white in the spring and proves to be the perfect shade plant. It can also be planted directly below trees because it can easily withstand the root pressure that often forms there.

Planting fat men

Fat men are evergreen, densely overgrown ground cover, but they spread quite slowly. As a rule, up to 8 plantlets should therefore be used in 1 square meter of garden area. In the garden specialty store, fat men with white-colored leaf margins are now offered, which give a visually very pretty picture. Both varieties can easily be planted together.

Important: The fat men from Asia are poisonous!


Rear section:
Actually, the robust, hardy, fat men don't really need any maintenance themselves. Only from time to time should they be cut into shape. However, if weeds proliferate between the plants, they must be carefully weeded out.

Too much sun:
However, if the tall men growing up to 30 centimeters high are exposed to the sun, the leaves turn slightly yellowish. In such cases, they need to be watered more often.

The growth of the fat men can be supported by incorporating a little enriched compost - the ideal time for this is autumn. Otherwise fat men don't need any additional fertilizer.