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Cutting fruit trees - this is how it's done

Cutting fruit trees - this is how it's done

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You have to cut fruit trees annually

Fruit trees are fine. But you also need a lot of care. In terms of pruning, it is best to prune your fruit trees annually.

Fruit trees need to be cut every year
In order for your trees to develop splendidly and soon bear plenty of fruit, they have to be cut every year - from an early age! So that you do not go wrong when cutting, we have once noted here how you should cut trees every year.

Cutting fruit trees - this is how it's done

" 1 year:
The tree is still small and has few branches. Nevertheless, you should already have the scissors ready. If the tree gets competition from the middle shoot, one shoot is left, the other cut off. You should also slightly shorten the side shoots.

" 2 years:
Exceptionally, there will be no cutting this year. But: tie leading branches that grow too steeply upwards into the horizontal. So you give them a different direction, which means that fruit can form faster.

"3rd year:
Shoots that grow too steeply up or down will be removed this year. This work is now on the calendar every year.

"From the 6th year:
From the 6th year only shoots that are too close together and branches that are old are removed. This way, fruits can form better and you can bring in a rich harvest.

When is the right time to cut fruit trees?
Apart from peach and cherry trees, fruit trees have to be cut between January and March, because then the water flow of the trees is still restricted and the buds do not yet sprout. When cutting, however, make sure that there are no minus degrees, otherwise the cuts would heal very poorly.

Peach trees, on the other hand, are only cut in April (i.e. during flowering), since the individual shoots can then be clearly distinguished. And cherry trees, in turn, only need to be cut in the summer after harvesting.

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