Outdoor refrigerator - store vegetables in the garden

Outdoor refrigerator - store vegetables in the garden

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Store your vegetables in the garden

To keep vegetables long, they are usually kept in the fridge or cellar. How about if you put on an outdoor refrigerator instead?

Store vegetables in the garden
If you still harvest vegetables such as celery, cabbage, carrots, onions and other root vegetables in autumn, you need a storage option in which the vegetables can be kept for a long time. In addition to the refrigerator, the cool basement has proven its worth. But that is not always possible. That's why you can easily store the vegetables in the garden. Of course not just that. To do this, you need to tinker a little. We have put together a step-by-step guide for you on how to build such an outdoor refrigerator yourself.

Building a fridge for outdoors - step by step instructions:

  1. You need a galvanized pot. Air holes are drilled into these at the top. You should do that all around.
  2. Now you have to dig the pot up to the holes in the ground.
  3. You should now place a clay mat on the bottom of the pot, but upside down. This keeps the condensed water from the vegetables. If there is still green on the vegetables, this must be removed.
  4. Then the vegetables are placed in the pot, the cavities are filled with sieved sand. Now put a lid on it and cover it with brushwood. The fridge is ready for outdoors. The vegetables stay there for several months.