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Grow oyster mushrooms on tree stump

Grow oyster mushrooms on tree stump

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A tree stump in the garden can be used effectively for oyster mushrooms. So you always have your own supply of the popular edible mushroom at home.

It happens in every garden that a tree has to be felled. What is left is a stump that is normally of no use. But if you are a mushroom lover and have always wanted to grow your own mushroom, the oyster mushroom is perfect for the first attempts at breeding.

The oyster mushroom or oyster mushroom is a popular edible mushroom. Therefore, there is great interest in breeding the oyster mushroom itself. When growing on wood, one speaks of so-called inoculation. The two most important components for successful oyster mushroom cultivation are good wood and a strong mushroom brood, called mycelium in specialist circles.

Which wood is suitable for oyster mushroom cultivation?

Tree stumps that are left over from hardwoods are particularly suitable for mushroom cultivation. These include:

  • Oak
  • pasture
  • poplar
  • birch
  • beech

The logging should not have been longer than 2 to 3 months ago. The fresher the tree trunk, the better.

Breeding oyster mushrooms on a wooden stump - Here's how!

Oyster mushrooms can be grown all year round, but the best time is from May to September. It could be too cold in the other months, making growth difficult.

Water the log well before you start inoculating. To inoculate the tree stump, two wedges are chopped from the edges, which have a depth of three to about six centimeters. The mushroom brood is crumbled into these prepared columns. You can get the mushroom brood in garden shops or on the Internet, for example at Amazon. Then seal the column with foil and adhesive tape so that the mushroom spawn does not dry out. Keep the trunk evenly moist, but not too wet.

Even if the mushroom brood is created quickly, make sure you are fresh when shopping. Retailers or manufacturers should ensure this, as this is the only way to successfully grow edible mushrooms in their own garden. If the stump weighs around 100 kilograms, a yield of around five to even ten kilograms of oyster mushrooms can be expected.