Artificial lighting for plants

Artificial lighting for plants

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Plants also need a lot of light in winter

Yes, you read it right. This is about lighting plants. Find out what such artificial lighting is supposed to do for plants here.

Illuminate plants in winter
We all know that plants need light to live. They get their energy from the sun's rays. If these are denied to them or if they are reduced, then many plants can die quickly. Plants in particular, which are brought indoors in winter, should get enough light. If you don't have a winter garden, you could have a problem with it because the window sills are usually already occupied. So what to do? There are special additional lamps that you can attach above the plants and irradiate them with them.

High pressure discharge lamp with sodium vapor or mercury vapor
You need to know that with every meter the plant stands further away from the window, the amount of daylight will decrease by half. Therefore, you should set up a separate table on which these plants are deposited during the winter and a so-called high-pressure discharge lamp with sodium vapor or mercury vapor is attached above it. A distance of up to 50 centimeters from the flowers is ideal.