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Terrace - materials and use

Terrace - materials and use

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Stone slab terrace

A terrace is a platform, usually directly adjacent to the house, which can be made of different materials. The use of such a terrace is varied. Read more on this topic in the following article.

Material of the terrace
You can choose the material from which your terrace is made from a large selection according to your own taste. However, you should always note that this also fits the house itself and thus creates a harmonious picture.

Wood is one of the different materials. This can be used in different ways. So wooden paving as well as wooden panels or planks are ideal. In addition to the classic woods such as pine, larch, beech and oak, tropical woods such as Garapa or Ipe are also suitable. But bamboo is also often used.

Other materials are stones. Here natural stone slabs, granite slabs and porphyry slabs come into question as well as concrete paving, clinker paving and composite paving. Tiles are also very popular as a terrace covering.

Use of the terrace
A terrace represents a clear added value for you in your garden. Because this platform not only looks beautiful and can be equipped with furniture, flower boxes and decoration according to your taste. It is also a perfect place to relax. After a stressful day, you can spend a few peaceful hours in the middle of your green oasis and let your mind wander.

But not only that. You can sit comfortably on your terrace in the warm months. Invite your relatives or friends to drink coffee. Plates and cups can be easily transported outside and the relaxed coffee gossip can begin. The terrace is also ideal for barbecues.

So spend a nice evening or afternoon with beautiful lighting of the terrace and the garden with your guests. Or relax in peace in this place.