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Winter garden in May - 3 tasks

Winter garden in May - 3 tasks

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Winter garden in May - 3 tasks

If you have a winter garden, then you know that some work is also required here. Find out what there is to do in the conservatory in May here.

Winter garden in May - 3 tasks
As in the garden and in the greenhouse, there is always a lot of work to do in the conservatory. Not that much, of course, but regular things you have to do. In May you should not neglect the following work:

  1. Since the winter garden usually lacks the insects that naturally fertilize fruit, you should arm yourself with a brush in May and dab the flowers one after the other. This is how the pollen is transmitted. It works best if you have two different varieties of each type of fruit.
  2. Plants should be showered at least once a month. This is an important task that you shouldn't neglect. That washes away the dust and the plants not only look better, they can also do photosynthesis better.
  3. You should sow two-year-old summer flowers in May. Make sure that they only bloom in the following year and are only green in the first year. These include carnations, hollyhocks, pansies, foxgloves and the marien bellflower.

As you can see, there are always a few tasks in the conservatory that should be done.


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