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Wig bush - a real eye-catcher in the garden

Wig bush - a real eye-catcher in the garden

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Wigs can grow up to four meters high

If you want to plant beautiful bushes in the garden, then you should definitely choose a wig bush.

Opaque bush: the wig bush
Gardeners often ask themselves which bushes should they bring into the garden. If you have a little more space and at the same time want a really beautiful, opaque bush that also produces wonderful flowers and subsequently decorative fruits, then the wig bush is exactly what you might have been looking for.

Keep the wig shrub in check by cutting
The shrub grows to between three and four meters high and yet quite expansive. You can keep it in check by cutting, but you should still give it enough space to unfold. The flowers appear in panicles that are 20 centimeters long, keep their flowers for up to three weeks and bloom in green, yellow and red. They are very bushy and therefore resemble hair. The fruits that form, however, are very thin and long. You can dry these fruits wonderfully as a decoration in the house - especially in autumn in connection with autumn arrangements, these fruits look very nice.

Wig bushes are hardy
The wig shrub likes to be sunny, warm and protected from the wind. It is hardy or tolerates temperatures around -20 degrees Celsius. If you have wig bushes as tub plants in the garden, then you should not leave them outside in winter. However, normal frost doesn't bother them.