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Gardening after winter

Gardening after winter

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You can now prune perennials

Gardening stops in winter. Many believe that this will continue until April. Because usually the plants only start to sprout and it drives you out again.

Do the first gardening in February
When it's cold outside, you don't feel like doing anything in the garden yourself. But don't wait until April. You can even do the first gardening in February. If you do that, you take precautions, then make it easier for yourself and have more time in the spring for other work or simply to enjoy the garden. So go out into the fresh air now and do some important tasks in the garden. This includes, for example, pruning the perennials.

Prune perennials
So you should be active if you have left shrubs over the winter. Many do this because some plants still look attractive when dry. Yarrow, coneflower or stonecrop are such plants. But that is exactly what needs to be cut off now. About a hand's breadth above the earth. This is because these plants drift from below and have already grown a bit from March. The danger that you accidentally cut off these young shoots is then very great.