4 anemones for the garden

4 anemones for the garden

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Anemones look very nice

The anemone is available in many different colors and sizes, for sun and shade and for almost every month - from spring to autumn.

There is something for every taste
So that you can choose the most beautiful anemones for every season, we have made a nice selection here. There should be something for every taste here.

  1. For the months of March, April and May we recommend the varieties Balkan anemone and bush anemone. Both bloom white, blue or pink and reach heights of up to 20 centimeters. The Balkan anemone loves sun to partial shade, the wood anemone can also be planted in the shade.
  2. From May to June, the up to one meter tall Bach anemone delights with white to purple flowers. She likes to stand on the water's edge and likes the sun.
  3. The Canadian anemone, on the other hand, blooms with wonderful white flowers in June and July. It grows up to 40 centimeters high and likes sun to partial shade.
  4. From August to October it is best to plant the leafy leaves or the Japanese autumn anemone. Both bloom in different colors, grow up to 120 centimeters in size and prefer to stand in the sun.

As you can see, there is just the right thing for your garden for both a sunny and a shady place.