Planting a pond - you should pay attention to this

Planting a pond - you should pay attention to this

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Do not overload the pond with plants

If you create a pond in the garden, you must also ensure the correct planting. It depends on the pond size as well as on the depth.

Plants enrich the water with a lot of oxygen
The water should not be overloaded with plants, especially if you have fish. On the other hand, plants ensure that the water is enriched with a lot of oxygen and the algae formation is suppressed. With the pond depth it should be noted that not every plant is suitable for every pond. For example, water lilies need at least 40 centimeters of water, the more the better. The deep water zone then also begins at 40 centimeters. There, water lilies, frog bites and even a sea jug are ideal.

Shallow water zone, swamp zone and wet zone
In the shallow water zone, which is between 10 and 40 centimeters, flower rushes and hedgehog cobs feel comfortable. The swamp iris and the frond also have a great place there. The swamp zone can be found down to a depth of 10 centimeters. The marsh marigold, the marsh iris and the loosestrife thrive there in particular. Attention: The wet zone follows around the pond and within the pond liner. Plants such as the Siberian iris and meadowsweet are particularly suitable there.