Winter garden in July - 4 garden works

Winter garden in July - 4 garden works

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There is a lot to do in July

In the winter garden - just like in the garden - work never ends. It is the same in summer when the high season is on. Find out here what to do in the winter garden in July.
We would like to show you a few works that have to be done in the winter garden in July:

  1. Thin shoots of tomatoes have to be broken out to get large and tasty fruits. Because these shoots only cost the plant unnecessarily strength.
  2. Popular plants in the winter garden include the hibiscus, the mallow and the oleander. If you now cut shoot tips ten centimeters long and have them rooted in pots, you will soon have grown many new flowers.
  3. Wilted flowers from ornamental plants should always be removed so that seeds cannot form. Because the seed pods rob the plant of strength.
  4. The air in the conservatory should never be too dry. Dryness favors pests. Therefore, spray your plants with water in the morning.

If you pay attention to these little things in the winter garden and lend a hand, you will soon be successful with your plants.