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Home remedies for ants

Home remedies for ants

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You should definitely read our tips and home remedies for ants. You can also find out here what helps against anthill and ants in the house.

Ants are actually useful little animals. On the one hand, they bring more biomass into the soil and loosen it up, and on the other hand they dispose of dead insects from the garden. They are also very important for the spread of seeds. However, most gardeners do not want to have them in the garden. After all, if you are not careful, you will quickly have the little animals in the apartment. And that can happen quickly, because ants are everywhere in the garden and build their nests widely. And that, in turn, is the fatal thing about the whole thing.

Find and fight ants

As soon as only one ant has migrated into the house and has also discovered a source of food, it eats away and migrates back to the ant colony. It then leaves a scent trail, which enables the other ants to quickly find their way to the food source. You mark the path yourself again so that the scent trail and thus the path to the food source is preserved. What then develops from this is the so-called ant road. And this is exactly what you need to track down and remove. You have several chemical-free options and means for this.

By the way: Some species of ants are protected, especially the large and the small forest ant. You must not destroy these nests!

Fighting ants without chemicals

You can often find ants in hills on the lawn, on paths or in beds. But they also undermine stone slab coverings. Even plants can disrupt their growth. If the ants do no harm, then let the little animals crawl in the garden. However, if you notice that you have found a way into the house or are damaging your plants, then it is advisable to do something and fight the ants.

Tip 1 - relocate ants

There are tips to combat them, but in general, eliminating all ants is almost impossible. However, if it is just an ant nest, then you can relocate it. Simply put a flowerpot over the ant nest. You have to fill it with wood wool or straw beforehand. In this way you offer the ants a very attractive habitat. Let the flowerpot stand like this for a few days. Then slide a dustpan under the flowerpot to move the colony. But make sure that the new place is far from the house.

Tip 2 - flood the ant nest

If the ant nest is in a flower bucket or in the flower box, then put it under the water a few times. Just like we humans, ants don't like wet homes. So you will quickly find a new shelter.

If you were able to find the right hill in the garden, it is advisable to use the watering can regularly. This disrupts the ants' care for their eggs and makes them disappear.

Tip / home remedies 3 - Scare away ants

Since ants are guided by smells when looking for food, they do not like strong smells at all. To drive away the little pests, it is best to plant strong-smelling plants such as Repeat thyme, juniper leaves or lemon herb on the ant road, or sprinkle some cinnamon powder, vinegar or essential oils on it.

Tip 4 - block access

Look for cracks and crevices through which the little animals can get into the house and seal them with silicone or glue. To prevent the ants from entering the house through windows or doors, you can use double-sided adhesive tape. The ants then get caught there. Simply search for the ant road and attach the adhesive tape right there.

Tip / home remedies 5 - Use grit instead of sand

If you want to prevent ants from spreading on paths or seating beneath the stone slabs, simply use grit instead of sand. The ants don't build nests in it.

Tip 6 - check plants regularly:

It is also important that you regularly check your plants for pests. Some of them, such as Lice, finally form sweet honeydew. And this in turn attracts ants.

Stay away from baking soda, boiling water and more!

Ants can certainly be a nuisance, but you shouldn't kill them anyway. Finally, they can also be driven out or relocated. So never pour hot water over an anthill and do not set up ant traps. Also don't sprinkle baking soda. This causes the ants to die miserably. Scare the little animals away with scents and make sure from the start that you:

  • Seal food tightly
  • Empty pet bowls regularly
  • Seal cracks in the masonry
  • Check window and door seals regularly for leaks
  • Collect garbage and waste in closed containers

If you pay attention to this information, you don't have to worry about an ant infestation.