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Fighting pear grids - how it's done

Fighting pear grids - how it's done

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Pear grating occurs from April

The pear grate is a fungus that affects pear trees. Learn how to fight the pear grate and prevent an infestation here.

Orange spots
Pear grating occurs from April and is manifested in orange spots directly on the leaves. Since there is no other disease that manifests itself in this way, you can be 100% certain that this is the grating. From July the spots on the underside of the leaf change. Here warts are formed, which are provided with longitudinal cracks. The spores are carried on by the wind and settle mainly on the juniper. A pear cannot infect any other pear. These spurs can be carried several hundred meters by the wind.

Combat the pear grate
If an infestation occurs again in the following year, then these spores come from a nearby juniper bush. Infestation can have very bad consequences for young fruit trees. Older fruit trees, on the other hand, do not need a lot of care if they are infested. The grating can only be prevented if you spray with fungicides during flowering. Alternatively, you can try plant tonics. Incidentally, the pear grate does not affect the fruit, so the pears are suitable for consumption. Another tip to avoid grating: Plant robust and not susceptible varieties. The specialist dealer knows advice! Check your juniper and remove infested areas.