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Pre-germinate potatoes - step by step instructions

Pre-germinate potatoes - step by step instructions

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Potatoes can be advanced in February

If you want to advance your potato harvest, you can also germinate the potatoes. You can find out how and when to do this here.

Increase yield by 20 percent
If you want to advance your potatoes and germinate them, you will be able to increase your yield by up to 20 percent, because cold does not bother the potatoes. However, they continue to grow. If you want to germinate your potatoes, then you should follow our little instructions. All you need to pre-germinate is a fruit crate, ripe compost or plant soil. By the way, you can pre-germinate your potatoes in February.

Pre-germinate potatoes - step by step instructions

  1. Get a fruit crate. You fill this with ripe compost or with simple potting soil.
  2. Now you just have to press the potatoes into the ground. Allow about half of the potatoes to look out of the ground.
  3. Now the boxes are stored at temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees. Give them light, because they need it to germinate faster. After a short time you will see the first shoots.

Another tip:
It's not the largest potatoes that provide the best plants, it's the medium-sized potatoes that thrive best. Don't water too much and leave the potatoes in the ground until they can be planted in the garden in April. You will then be able to benefit from a good harvest.