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Winter hemp palms - Protect the palms from moisture

Winter hemp palms - Protect the palms from moisture

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The hemp palm is a true exotic in the garden and needs a little help in winter to survive it undamaged. Because the exotic does not like strong frost at all.

Hemp palms can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees

In winter you should bring pretty much all container plants indoors, preferably in the winter garden. Because many can't stand the cold. The hemp palm, which originally comes from the high mountains in China, is very different. You don't mind temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius. So you don't have to protect them from the cold. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't need protection and you can just leave it outside. Because it needs a different kind of protection - protection against moisture.

Wrap hemp palms with fleece or foil

If snow falls on the hemp palms and remains on the leaves, it is very unfavorable. Wetness is particularly harmful at the leaf roots and can lead to rotting. That is why you should wrap your hemp palm with a fleece before the first snowfall. So no snow can remain on it. Make sure that you wrap the fleece loosely and do not squeeze the leaves. Then the hemp palm is still doing well in spring.

Alternatively, you can also use a transparent film. For this you have to cut extra holes in the lower area of ​​the film. These then serve as air holes so that too much condensation does not form.

It is best to tie fronds together

If you want to do everything right, then wrap the fronds together. These should then be absolutely dry. It is best to fill the gaps with straw afterwards. This warms the plant a little in the cold season.

Protect roots properly

Before it gets really cold outside, it is advisable to cover the root area of ​​hemp palms that grow in the bed with a 30 centimeter layer of bark mulch.

If your hemp palm grows in a bucket, you should wrap it with winter protection mats made of coconut fibers. It is also recommended to place the bucket on a styrofoam plate and cover the root area with fir twigs.

Choose the right winter location

Hemp palms that thrive in a bucket should be placed close to a shady house wall in winter. So it is better protected from the icy winds.

If the winter is really tough, it is better if you bring the hemp palm into the house for the winter. It does not need a special location here. You can just put them in the basement.

Water hemp palm even in winter

Like so many plants, hemp palms also need a little water in winter. However, you should only water the palm trees when the temperatures are mild.

By the way:

If you did anything wrong during the winter, the hemp palm will promptly point this out to you. It then gets frost damage and this is noticeable through brown leaves.