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Avoid waterlogging - create a pond

Avoid waterlogging - create a pond

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Just create a small pond

Not every floor is the same in every garden. There are soils that form waterlogging in heavy rainfall. Find out here how you can avoid such waterlogging.

Avoid waterlogging
Waterlogging means that the water cannot drain off due to a barrier layer in the floor and puddles form on the surface. This is of course not particularly good for many plants, although there are flowers that like it. There are several ways to avoid waterlogging. The most labor intensive is to work the soil. You should let the soil dry and then loosen it thoroughly. You then have to mix this loosened earth with sand and lime.

Create pond?
Green manure is also possible. So-called legumes are planted for this purpose. These are plants that automatically loosen the soil. These include, for example, lupins, peas and beans. The plants accumulate nitrogen in the soil through the roots, which loosens it up. A third option is to accept the extreme conditions and use them sensibly. For example, you can create a small pond in places where the water constantly puddles anyway. 😉