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Store vegetables in the greenhouse - that's how it's done

Store vegetables in the greenhouse - that's how it's done

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You can also store your vegetables in the greenhouse in winter

If you own a vegetable garden or a greenhouse, you can always look forward to fresh vegetables. You can even store the vegetables in the greenhouse in winter.

Store vegetables in the greenhouse
To ensure that you have some of your vegetables for a long time, proper storage is essential. This storage can take place indoors or, seen over a longer period, also take place in the unheated greenhouse. However, since most vegetables are susceptible to frost, you should harvest them in good time.

Store vegetables - that's how it's done
If you now want to store your vegetables in the unheated greenhouse, you should proceed as follows: Dig a hole about 50 centimeters deep. A fruit box comes in there. Now shorten the roots and the green of the vegetables. Now you have to layer the vegetables in the crate. However, it shouldn't be contiguous. It is best if you apply damp sand to the intermediate layers. Some of the vegetables should still look out of the sand. For example, you can store carrots vertically. This way, vegetables stay fresh for several weeks.

Place an insulating layer over the vegetables
Since it can get really cold in the greenhouse in winter, you should form an insulating layer of leaves or straw over the vegetables. In this way, you not only protect the vegetables from the cold, but also from excessive sunlight. But always remember that you can ventilate the greenhouse on warmer days.