Store walnuts - that's how it's done

Store walnuts - that's how it's done

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Walnuts from your own tree are simply delicious. But if you want to have something of the freshness for a long time, you have to store it properly, otherwise they will start to mold.

Walnuts can be kept for several months

Being able to call your own walnut tree in the garden is something special. From mid-September, walnut fans will get their money's worth. The ripe nuts fall to the ground and can then be collected and eaten. Be sure not to knock the nuts off the tree to make the harvest faster. On the one hand, this will damage the walnut tree and, on the other hand, you may harvest walnuts that are not yet ripe. You can recognize ripe walnuts by the shriveled and black outer shell.

Every gardener is happy about a rich harvest. But if the amount is so high that you can't eat as quickly as they fall off the tree, then you have to worry. So that you can benefit from the freshness of your walnuts as long as possible, they must be stored properly. At worst, they start to mold and your harvest is gone. Wouldn't that be annoying?

3 tips for the correct storage of walnuts

Storing walnuts is not difficult, and it is also not very time-consuming. There are only a few important things to consider.

➤ Tip 1: Carefully brush off the bowl

Remains of the green shell are still attached to some walnuts. You should brush them off carefully. Under no circumstances wash off, as the shell will soften and start to mold more quickly.

➤ Tip 2: Let the walnuts dry

After you have cleared the shell of the remains, the walnuts must dry at a temperature of about 25 degrees. Temperatures in the room must not exceed 30 degrees, otherwise the nuts will quickly become rancid. Also keep an eye on the humidity in the room. This must not be too high, since mold growth can also be expected here.

" Note: As soon as mold is visible on the nut or kernel, stop eating! This so-called nut mold contains strong toxins.

For the drying process, which can sometimes take up to 6 weeks, spread the nuts over a large area and in one layer. There has to be air everywhere.

➤ Tip 3: store walnuts

If the walnuts are dry, you can put them in bags or other nets or containers and keep them cool. Here, for example, a cellar is ideal.

If stored in the best possible way, walnuts can be kept for several months. This late summer I ate walnuts from last year that didn't lose any of their delicious taste.

Storage of shelled nuts

If you have already cracked a large number of your nuts, they will only last for about four weeks. But only if they were kept airtight, cool and dry in a closed container.

" My advice: Walnuts can also be frozen. So you have something of your walnuts much longer and don't have to get the hell out of stuffing the chopped walnuts. To do this, place the kernels on a baking sheet, let them dry and then pack them airtight in the cooler. They stay there for up to 12 months.