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Pruning plants - is that necessary?

Pruning plants - is that necessary?

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You don't have to prune every plant

When it comes to making the garden winter-proof in autumn, many gardeners like to use pruning shears, often because they want to cut back their plants.

Plenty of plants get new shoots in autumn
Pruning the plants is correct on one side, but it can also be wrong on the other. Because many plants already form new shoots in autumn, from which they then green and bloom in spring. If you are not sure or should not recognize the young shoots, then put your fingers away and let the plant stand.

Plants do not always have to be pruned
If you keep your hands off the plants, the flowers will have some advantages anyway. Firstly, this gives the plants better frost protection, secondly, they look beautiful in the winter garden and are also an ornament when the garden is actually not very attractive. And thirdly, many plants and their seed heads serve as food for birds. So you better clean up these plants in spring, then there is still enough time for them. It is not imperative that you do this work in the fall.