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Report fire blight - there is a duty to report!

Report fire blight - there is a duty to report!

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Only a specialist can diagnose and treat this disease

Fire blight is a disease that mainly occurs in fruit trees and is caused by bacteria. They must report fire blight immediately.

Fire blight symptoms
If fire blight occurs, the flowers and leaves first wilt, turn brown to black and fall off. They look like they were burned. This can already be seen in spring. The stems of the flowers and leaves are also black. You can easily recognize the fire blight by these symptoms. In summer and autumn you can then spot yellow droplets on the tree that stick to the fruit and shoots. Finally, in winter you can find cancerous spots on the trunk and branches. And since this disease is spreading rapidly, it is one of the notifiable diseases that must be reported to the Plant Protection Office.

Report fire blight
The bacteria are mostly transmitted during flowering by insects, birds or bark injuries. But we humans can also spread these bacteria by using cutting tools to which these bacteria stick. Fire blight cannot be combated with conventional pesticides and is spreading steadily. Since fire blight has increased in the past ten years, a fire blight ordinance has been issued. According to this, everyone is obliged to report the infestation of fire blight or even the suspicion.

Fire blight on fruit trees
Apple and pear trees as well as the quince are particularly affected. Ornamental trees such as hawthorn and hawthorn are not immune to the fire blight, just like the quince quince, the fire thorn and the mountain ash. To diagnose the disease, a specialist must be involved.