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Protect trees from rabbit feeding - Here's how!

Protect trees from rabbit feeding - Here's how!

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Rabbits even nibble on trees

A garden attracts many animals - especially rabbits. This is very nice on the one hand, and on the other you have to protect your trees from rabbit feeding.

Protect trees from rabbit food
In summer, the bunnies like to lose themselves to lettuce, carrots and kohlrabi. You like it. To protect the vegetables, you should always grow them in the greenhouse. Even a slightly higher and, above all, narrow-meshed fence can help.

Rabbits also gnaw trees on
In winter, when there are no vegetables to eat, rabbits sometimes resort to trees and nibble off the bark. Of course, this is more than harmful for the tree. You can also protect your trees from them. For this you should also use a close-meshed fence, which you place closely around the trunk and - very important - dig in at least 25 centimeters deep, otherwise the animals can get to the roots from below. At the top, it should be about 50 centimeters. So the tree is completely protected.