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Repotting camellias - a wonder of flowers in winter

Repotting camellias - a wonder of flowers in winter

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The winter months are often dreary and naturally have few flowering plants. If you repot your camellias in time, you can see a real bloom in winter.

Camellias delight us with their full bloom in winter

Flowers in winter
In winter you can usually admire the Christmas rose in the garden and from January - depending on the weather - often the first snowdrops or crocuses. And inside? Not much blooms in winter either. Perhaps you would like to put a fresh bouquet of flowers in front of you - but even after a few days they are no longer attractive. The Japanese camellia can help here. It is a flower wonder that opens its flowers under glass and delights you with wonderful colors in the winter months.

Repotting camellias
But the camellia also needs special soil. That's why you should repot them in autumn. It is best to give her a large pot because it forms a lush root system that can quickly become too large in a small pot. This would make the space too narrow and the plant would no longer be properly supplied with nutrients. The camellia receives these nutrients from rhododendron earth. Don't forget to water regularly, this will be a real bloom.