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Make lawnmowers winter-proof - that's how it's done

Make lawnmowers winter-proof - that's how it's done

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The lawn mower is pretty much the most important device in a garden. That is why you should take care of him. This also includes making your lawnmower winter-proof.

A lawnmower must be winterized every year

Lawnmowers need care
If you don't have a lawn, then you can count yourself lucky, because then you don't have to take care of the lawn or the mower. But the maintenance is actually not too difficult if you know what you have to do. You should not avoid this work either, because if you take good care of your lawnmower, you will have something from it for a long time.

Make lawnmowers winterproof
Before the lawnmower disappears in the shed in winter, you should remove all dirt. Grass and soil residues are usually dry, so you can remove them with a broom or a damp cloth. Caution with petrol engines: Always pull out the spark plug connector when carrying out maintenance work on your lawnmower. When the lawnmower is clean, you should treat all moving parts with oil so that they remain smooth and smooth. The air filter should also be replaced once a year.

Cutting knife and Co.
If you are already putting your lawnmower through its paces, then you should also check whether the cutting knife needs to be sharpened. If you find rust stains, you should treat them and repaint them. So that your lawnmower is not damaged, you should store it dry during the winter time. One job that you should not forget - but only in spring - is an oil change. This will significantly increase the life of the lawnmower.