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Chemistry in the garden - does that have to be?

Chemistry in the garden - does that have to be?

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Many hobby gardeners avoid using chemicals in the garden. And that's just as well! Because chemical substances have no business in nature.

A well-kept garden can do without chemicals

Here is our advice:

  1. Always choose the right location for your plants. If you plant sun worshipers in the shade or put flowers that prefer shade in the sun, you will find that the plants get sick faster.
  2. Pay attention to the soil conditions. Not every plant can manage the same soil. Some need sandy soil, the next loamy and some need humus-rich soil. Do not pay attention to such important things, diseases can arise.
  3. If you loosen and fertilize the soil regularly, you can prevent many diseases.
  4. If you regularly cut, shape and thin your plants, you have healthier plants because diseases and pests can be identified more quickly.
  5. Always work with clean tools and equipment that are intact.
  6. Tools such as glue rings on the tree, nets against vermin and snails or the use of nematodes or parasitic wasps are permitted in any case!

If you keep your garden in order and pay attention to some tips, you don't need any chemicals.