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Create a heather garden - this is how heather is planted

Create a heather garden - this is how heather is planted

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Landscapes like the Lüneburg Heath attract many people magically due to their beauty. But you can also easily create a heather garden.

With heather you can add beautiful color accents

Create a heather garden
The beauty of the heather is incomparable and despite the often barren plants, heather is a real eye-catcher - even in the garden. If you not only want to place an Erika occasionally and also have enough space, then you can lay out your Heidegarten generously. It also comes into its own on several levels.

Observe soil conditions
Heather needs an acidic soil with a low pH. If it is less than 5, it is ideal if it is above 6, you should change the floor to 40 cm or work with a lot of peat. It is best to plant heather in September or October, and then again in April and May. It should not be planted after October, as heather that has not grown properly is susceptible to frost. A sunny location is mandatory.

Plant and care for heather
If you have fast growing plants, put them loose and give them more space so that they can spread. You can put small plants closer together. Heather needs to be cut once a year to develop a pretty bloom. The cut is ideal for summer bloomers after winter, mid-March to mid-April. You should cut the winter flowering plants right after flowering. Add some organic fertilizer at regular intervals and you will really enjoy the heather.