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Harvesting winter vegetables - which types of vegetables are hardy?

Harvesting winter vegetables - which types of vegetables are hardy?

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Not every vegetable has to be harvested before the first frost. There are some types of vegetables that tolerate frost easily. If you want to harvest your winter vegetables, there are a few things you should consider.

Kale is a hardy vegetable

Not every variety is hardy
The kale comes to mind first here. It is very robust and tastes even better if it is harvested during a frost period. The reason: the vegetables store sugar. But kale is not the only vegetable that can provide vitamins in winter. Also Brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage, leek and parsnips, but also salsify don't mind frost.

The floor should not freeze through
However, you should inform yourself beforehand, as not every variety is hardy. Even if these vegetables are not sensitive to frost, the soil should preferably not freeze through. This cannot happen if you put a layer of mulch on the earth. This should be at least 10 centimeters thick. This protects the soil and the plants.

And another tip:
If you add a layer of ripe compost over the mulch, you can look forward to healthy plants and tasty vegetables. Hardy vegetables also have the advantage that the garden is not exposed during the winter.