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Klivien - How to make Klivien bloom

Klivien - How to make Klivien bloom

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Klivien are always small highlights. A little care is required to make them bloom. Especially when the clive just doesn't like to bloom.

Clivia don't bloom so abundantly these days

The Klivie is a coveted house and conservatory plant that was previously seen especially in winter. Because in December the time has finally come when she starts to bloom. So she delights with her wonderful colors, especially in the cold season. It blooms in red, orange to yellow and is a real eye-catcher in every apartment. But it needs a little care so that it can become an eye-catcher at all. There are a number of things you need to consider here.

Klivien do not tolerate a change of location well

Klivien like a bright to partially shaded place, where temperatures are around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. A place at an east or west window where the midday sun does not shine is ideal. The blazing sun at lunchtime could otherwise burn the fleshy leaves.

Once placed in this place, you should leave the Klivie there for life. It does not tolerate a change of location very well. You can't even turn the plant. If you remove them from their location, put them back in their place as quickly as possible.

Why aren't clivia blooming so profusely anymore?

Those who had Klivien before and still don't want to do without them may have fared like many others. Because compared to the past, the clivia no longer bloom so abundantly and in many cases no longer. This is due to the well-insulated apartments. In the past, when there were no windows that could be closed so well, the apartments weren't as warm as they are today. At that time, you usually only had a fireplace or the heating was switched on, especially in the less populated rooms. Today there is a lot of heating everywhere. And that is poison for the clivia.

If you store your clivia above 12 to 15 degrees Celsius from October, the bloom may not occur. Therefore, place the plants in an unheated room and only bring them back into the warm when the flowers have formed. So that you can enjoy the flowers for a long time, you need to take care of the clive.

How to properly care for clivia

❍ casting:

The Klivie takes a so-called vegetation break once a year. She needs this break so that flowers can start growing again next spring. It takes place between October and January. During this time you only have to water your Klivie very little. Just so much that it doesn't dry out.

After this break in vegetation, the Klivie needs a lot of water again. So you have to water them regularly. But make sure that there is no waterlogging, because the Klivie can't take it at all.

❍ Fertilize:

As soon as the first flower stems form in February / March, the clive needs more nutrients. Now fertilize the plant about every two weeks with a complete fertilizer in liquid form. In September, you should then stop fertilizer supply again.

❍ Cut back:

After flowering, the clive forms fruit clusters with seeds. If you do not want to use these for the propagation of the plant, then you should cut the flower stalks close to the ground when they have withered. So the plant does not invest unnecessary strength in these parts of the plant.