Use mulch correctly

Use mulch correctly

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Covering the soil is called mulching, although hobby gardeners have different reasons for this. This article reveals which mulch is suitable for what.

Weed stop with mulch - When we hear the term “mulch”, most people think of bark mulch, which is now available in every hardware store and garden center. Mulching is much more, because the term was coined many years ago in horticulture. Mulching is all about covering the ground. Organic materials are mainly used for this purpose, all of which have the aim of keeping the soil moist.

If you miss a bed of mulch every now and then, you won't go wrong. Because mulch keeps the soil moist, certain mulch also gives it nutrients and, as a positive side effect, less weeds grow. But not every mulch is also suitable for every bed. So that you do everything right, here are a few small tips on where to use which mulch:


Can be used in any flower bed and is also suitable as a path surface.


Is particularly good for vegetable beds, between strawberries and also in the herb bed. The straw must be threshed well so that no grain will grow in the garden next spring.


An excellent protective layer under trees and bushes. Also considered a humus donor if the leaves gradually decompose.

Grass clippings:

All flower beds, but also vegetable and herb beds are happy about that. Also suitable for strawberry beds, but only after the harvest. Warning: grass clippings should be dry.

Wood chips:

It is mainly used under shrubs and trees with lush roots. Not suitable for young plants because the wood chips suppress plant growth.


Looks very good in the rock garden and also as a path surface.

Rule of thumb: You should never make the layer too high, a maximum of five centimeters is sufficient, even if, for example, ten centimeters are specified for bark mulch. If you mulch properly, you do a lot for the plants and also have more attractive beds.