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Preparations for the beginning of autumn

Preparations for the beginning of autumn

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Bulbs need to be dug deep

Shortly before the beginning of autumn there is a lot to do in the garden. For example, you can sow new lawn. September is ideal for this as the summer drought is over and the seeds can germinate quickly. But there are other things that you should have done in the garden before autumn.

Plant the bulbs deeply
The trees lose their leaves depending on the weather. If you have a pond in the garden, you should protect it from the falling leaves, otherwise it will accumulate with digested sludge. It is also the right time to plant bulbs before the frost. You should therefore plant the bulbs twice as deep as they are tall. This prevents the ground frost from penetrating the onion so quickly.

Share faded plants
At the end of summer, many perennials have slowly faded. You can divide or prune the perennials during this time. The perennials can thus be propagated more easily and distributed in the garden. When the plants fade to death, which cannot be multiplied by division, you should pay attention to the seeds and collect them naturally. With these seeds you can propagate the plants just as easily. Unfortunately, not all cultured species can be redrawn in this way.