So the hedge becomes opaque

So the hedge becomes opaque

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With a hedge in particular, one is often reluctant to prune it and cut it back. But that's exactly what you should do if you want an opaque hedge.

It hurts sometimes, but you will soon realize that it is just right for your hedge. Just as you do with solitary bushes to stimulate growth, you also cut back the hedge every year.

Cut off side shoots
Particularly thin and narrow side shoots and shoots that grow individually upwards have to be cut off radically. It looks a bit ugly after the cut, but the hedge will thank you. It will soon sprout again and grow together more bushy. It quickly becomes opaque and also uses less water after a cut. The reason: where fewer leaves have to be supplied, less water is required.

Cut half
Pruning young plants can make up to two thirds of the shoots. But you should cut at least half.