Trumpet flowers for the pergola

Trumpet flowers for the pergola

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The trumpet flower is a fast growing climber

The trumpet flower has an adventurous name. But surely you can already guess why. Right, the shape of the flowers. These look very much like trumpets. They are very pretty to look at and bloom in orange, red and yellow. The is particularly suitable Trumpet flower for the growth of pergolas.

The climbing plant conquers the climbing frame very quickly and enables a natural leaf canopy in three to five years. She is a sun lover and blooms more profusely the more sunny the location is chosen.

Cut back shoots in spring
In spring you should cut back the shoots that had formed the year before. This promotes the abundance of flowers and you can look forward to even more flowers in summer.

Trumpet flower - Also suitable for house walls
Since the plant can grow up to ten meters high, it is also suitable for house walls. It has adhesive roots and can therefore hold on to itself, so there is no need for a bracket. However, due to its size, it also becomes very heavy, which requires a stable scaffold when a pergola is overgrown.