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Sowing and harvesting carrots - several times in one season

Sowing and harvesting carrots - several times in one season

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You can sow and harvest carrots several times a year

Carrots are a very vitamin-rich and healthy vegetable that you can easily grow yourself in the garden. And not just once. You can harvest carrots several times in one season, The seeds are sown in rows. There are special types of carrots that can be found among the bundled carrots (e.g. Evora or Rainbow) that show particularly rapid growth.

Do not plant these vegetables with the carrots
The seeds can be sown every three weeks from the end of April. From June onwards, you will get great carrots that you can eat raw or cooked. However, make sure that you do not plant the carrots together with the same plant family. Fennel, celery and also parsnips in the same bed are not compatible and inhibit each other in growth.

… Dill & Co. may
In contrast, dill is a pleasant companion for the carrots. It ensures that the carrots become even more aromatic. In order to get a rich yield, the Beetimmer should be kept well moist. Moist, but not wet, because if you overdo watering, you risk that the plants develop too many leaves and the carrots turn out too small.