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Blueberries for the garden

Blueberries for the garden

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You can also have blueberries in the garden

The forest is home to blueberries or blueberries. If you like walking in the forest a lot, you can snack on it or pluck it in taller people and transport it home. But that doesn't have to be because Blueberries are also available for the garden.

The difference is in the pulp
Then, however, it is not forest blueberries, but cultivated blueberries that have been grown especially for the garden. The difference can be seen in the pulp. Wild blueberries are blue on the inside, they have nice blue fingers and a wonderful blue tongue. Cultivated bilberries, on the other hand, have green flesh, so they do not stain blue. Do not worry, even if this pulp is green, the fruits are ripe and can be eaten without stomach ache.

planting Tips
In the garden, blueberries like a mixture of soil and compost, with a layer of bark mulch on top. Whether in the sun or in the shade, blueberries grow everywhere. Water enough, otherwise the berries will remain too small. Cultivated blueberries can also reach a size of up to two meters, so plant them at a good distance from neighboring plants.