Build a hot stone yourself in 6 steps

Build a hot stone yourself in 6 steps

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Many gardeners like it to gently ripple in the garden. You need either a pond, a fountain, a stream or a hot stone. Since the first three options are very nice, but are usually more expensive and involve more effort, the hot stone is one option that you should take a closer look at. Build a hot stone yourself, that's how it's done!

  1. To do this, you need a waterproof container, for example a bucket, which is let into the ground and filled with water.
  2. That's where the pump comes in.
  3. A lid is now placed on the container, which must have two holes. One hole for the cable, the second for the riser.
  4. Now there is a stone on top that must be smaller than the vessel. This needs a straight, continuous hole that you can drill yourself.
  5. The riser pipe is inserted into the hole from below.
  6. Now put the pump into operation and it will ripple with you - and it looks very pretty.

Between the container and the stone, the floor is covered with grit or coarse gravel. This hides everything underneath and at the same time lets the water seep well back into the water tank.