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Cut the cherry trees properly

Cut the cherry trees properly

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Old shoots must be removed

Just Cherry trees you can still in this season blend, This slows down the growth of the trees and increases fertility at the same time. Summer is the vegetation period of the plant and is therefore particularly suitable for blending.

In addition, the cuts can heal better in summer and are less susceptible to bacteria or fungi.

Old shoots have to give way
The flower buds of the cherries can be found on the two to three year old shoots. If one does not cut off the old shoots, the young ones cannot get any light and produce no fruit. In addition, the fruits will gradually be found on the crown. This can be avoided with the right waste.

First you have to remove the side shoots that grow into the inside of the crown. The drooping side shoots should also be removed afterwards. However, you always have to pay attention to the preservation of the younger branches. They are particularly fertile and can produce many flowers in the next year.

After the cut
After the cut, you still have to spread the cuts. However, only those who are larger than a two-euro coin should be considered. In every garden center you can get wound dressings for this purpose. Smooth the bark with a knife beforehand, then the wound can heal faster.