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Harvest rhubarb - how it works!

Harvest rhubarb - how it works!

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Rhubarb can be harvested from April to late June

Does your mouth water when you think of rhubarb cake or compote? Then get the vegetables in your own garden. Yes, you read it right. rhubarb is not fruit, but vegetable.

Rhubarb - harvest time from April to June
The rhubarb stalks grow on a tuber directly in the ground. They are harvested from April to the end of June. The strong red rods are twisted out of the tub with a jerk. You should do this every two to three weeks. Make sure that you always leave at least two thirds of the stems and leaves. However, blossoms are cut off, as these take the plant's unnecessary strength and the rhubarb stems do not become as strong.

Do not leave rhubarb too long
The freshly harvested rhubarb can be kept in the fridge for a few days, but should be processed as soon as possible, since storing it too long can cause the stems to dry out. And the juicy is what makes the vegetables so special.