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Burglary protection starts in the garden - 4 tips

Burglary protection starts in the garden - 4 tips

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Burglars have an easier time with tall hedges

If you want to protect your house from burglars, you have to start in the garden. There are many things that you can use and some things that you should consider, because burglary protection starts in garden.

  1. High hedges attract long fingers. If you have a garden all around with high privacy, then thieves have an easy job. They get to the property quickly. There they can then devote themselves to the house undisturbed, nobody can watch it.
  2. Light always makes sense. If you illuminate your house in the dark, even from the outside, you have a high level of protection. The lighting does not have to be permanent, but should start with the help of motion detectors. Burglars shy away from it.
  3. A warning "Beware of the snappy dog" at the entrance cannot hurt.
  4. Cameras are also useful. Equip them with motion detectors and only switch them on when you are not at home. Dummies that are not recognizable as such can also act as a deterrent.

A few points that burglars can quickly put an end to.