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Which lawn do you prefer?

Which lawn do you prefer?

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Playing grass is ideal for children

What lawn do you have in the garden? Hobby gardeners who do not deal with lawn as intensely will usually not know what all the differences are. Because lawn is not just lawn. Depending on where the lawn is used, there are different ones turf varieties use.

Simply choose the right lawn for you and your purposes:

  1. ornamental lawns must be mowed often and does not tolerate high loads, so it is only suitable for representative areas.
  2. game lawn is the perfect lawn when there are children in the house. It is very resilient and should be mowed once a week.
  3. shadow lawn thrives in the shade as well as in the sun. The advantage: it displaces moss and weeds with a turf. Mow once a week.
  4. Slow growing lawn is particularly suitable for areas that are not frequented, for example at the weekend house. Mowing is only necessary here every six weeks and he also needs little water.