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Almond trees - nice wood for the front yard

Almond trees - nice wood for the front yard

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Almond trees are ideal for the front yard

They impress not only with their beauty and tasty fruits, but also with a wonderful fragrance. On almond in the garden is the show and the hit. However, you have to make sure that you take good care of the sapling and protect it from certain environmental influences, because varieties that are too susceptible can die very quickly and that would be a shame.

Robijn and Lauranne
If you want to be on the safe side, get cold-resistant varieties such as the “Robijn” or “Lauranne” varieties. Anyone who has a greenhouse or a winter garden would do well to bring the sapling indoors for the winter.

The later plants the better
Otherwise, the best time to plant is between March and July. The later, the better, because young plants in particular are a little more sensitive to frost. The almond trees like to be sheltered from the wind and sunny. If the soil is still sandy to loamy, then this is probably the ideal location. The treetop should also be aligned in spring. The older branches are cut off, the young ones remain, because this is where the flowers are made.