Use drip hoses and pour automatically

Use drip hoses and pour automatically

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Drip hoses are laid underground or on the bed

According to meteorologists, our summers are getting hotter and hotter. We humans somehow do not notice this, because mostly the summers are not the yellow of the egg and often rainy.

But that is deceptive, because we mostly only notice it extremely when we have free time and want to use the garden. Even if the vacation is raining, the general idea that the summers are bad is not far away. But the fact is that climate change is making the summers hotter and hotter. Above all, nature feels that.

Anyone who has a garden knows that watering is now very common. But that means a lot of work.
Depending on the size of the garden, a “watering aria” can quickly take an hour or more. If you oppose it pour automatically leaves, then you can use the garden longer and more intensively. However, it also costs a little.

The solution:
drip hoses, These are laid underground or directly on the bed, are provided with holes and release water - just as you would like it to be. Computer controlled so to speak and therefore without any work. You can also pour water when you are not there.