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How climbing roses grow better - 4 tips

How climbing roses grow better - 4 tips

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You will enjoy your climbing roses even more if you know a few tricks and tips that will ensure that your climbing roses grow better.

Climbing rose at the house entrance -

The climbing rose belongs, as the name suggests, to the rose family. Although the climbing rose originated in Asia (China, Japan), the plant is one of the favorites among German hobby gardeners.

There are many types of climbing roses, each a feast for the eyes if it grows. Some gardeners complain of the sparse growth, while others have a lavish splendor. It is often the soil that is crucial for growth. But there are also other aspects that should be considered.

Tip 1 - Climbing roses need climbing aids

Climbing aids are very important for the cultivation of such roses, a prerequisite so that the climbing rose can reach an adequate height. Walls, pergolas or wooden scaffolds are an ideal climbing aid. The plants hold onto them and can get shoots up to six meters long.

Arrange the branches of the climbing rose in such a way that they run arch-like to horizontal on the climbing aid. The cut branches should fill the facade very loosely. If you arrange them too closely, the rose is prone to disease. It also flowers less vigorously.

Tip 2 - The right location for climbing roses

As mentioned above, the location also has a huge impact on the growth of a climbing rose. Give the plant a bright, sunny location. It is important that the climbing rose is not in the air shadow. Good ventilation ensures that the rose can dry quickly after rainfall. This prevents stubborn rose diseases such as mildew, rose rust or star soot. Water the climbing rose regularly for the first few years. Fertilizing once a year is also recommended.

Tip 3 - Cut climbing roses for better growth

A brisk cut gives the climbing roses enough space to develop. But the correct cutting of climbing roses needs to be learned. You may only remove shoots when they are old and dry. Faded roses must also be removed. This will help the climbing rose to form new shoots again in autumn.

You may not cut new shoots that come out of the ground in spring, because they contribute significantly to the rejuvenation of the climbing rose. On the other hand, all old branches that protrude far lead to creeping aging.

If there are no young shoots emerging from the ground for a long time, a special taper cut will help. Here you have to cut off a shoot a few centimeters above the ground. If the plant has vital roots, then the climbing rose restarts on the remaining shoot.

Tip 4 - make climbing roses winter-proof

In winter you have to cover the earth around the climbing rose, otherwise the plants will freeze. In this way, the roots of the climbing rose are protected and are fit again for the new spring.