Sowing parsley, but when?

Sowing parsley, but when?

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Everyone can grow parsley. Even those who don't have a garden at all. But when is the right time for it? In spring or summer?

Parsley is a herb that we like to use in salads and sauces or sprinkle on bread and butter. It tastes good and is naturally healthy - who would have thought. But although many planting books state that parsley should be sown in spring, you should refrain from doing so. Due to the still unsafe weather conditions and the risk of frost, the seeds can germinate worse and slower. This in turn favors the infestation with fungi. Those who want to avoid this only sow parsley in July. Due to the warm temperatures, the herb can develop faster and is also better protected from the fungi.

You can then harvest the first leaves at the end of August. If you are lucky and winter does not get too hard, you can harvest fresh parsley even into May the following year. The prerequisite for this is that you plant the parsley correctly.

Location & soil

Parsley is an umbelliferous plant that grows best in a bright location. However, it does not tolerate direct sun. So it's best to choose a partially shaded spot. When choosing the location, always remember that you should never sow parsley in the same place. Parsley is incompatible with itself and other umbelliferae. There should be at least four years in between before sowing again at this point. Parsley particularly likes neighbors such as tomatoes, onions, leeks, cucumbers and radishes. Recommended reading: Which herbs go together?

As far as the floor is concerned, you don't have to pay much attention here. The floor should only be permeable and loose so that rain and irrigation water can drain off easily. Then the parsley feels good.

How to plant parsley properly

When it is finally July, you can sow the parsley in the garden. You can sow up to 300 seeds per linear meter.

Those who want to be on the safe side prefer the parsley in the house in spring. Simply sow the seeds in pots. The first seedlings will be visible after just a few days. After the second pair of leaves has formed, you must separate the plants. When the ice saints are over, you can put the young parsley plants in the garden. Keep a distance of about 20 centimeters between the plants. And then you have to wait, because parsley grows very slowly, unlike other herbs.

How to properly care for parsley

❍ casting:

Water the parsley regularly and evenly. However, do not give too much water, because the parsley cannot stand it at all. Always water first because the top layer of soil has dried.

❍ Fertilize:

You don't actually need to fertilize the parsley. However, it is an advantage if you incorporate some mature compost into the bed before planting.

❍ Wintering:

Usually the parsley does not need winter protection. If winter is to be very cold, cover the parsley with some brushwood.


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