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Rake immediately after mowing the lawn?

Rake immediately after mowing the lawn?

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Always rake with a lot of clippings

If the lawn is cut and no collecting basket is used, then many amateur gardeners will ask whether one can rake got to after mowing the lawn, The question cannot be answered in general, because the decision depends on various criteria.

Little clippings - no raking required
If there is little clippings and the weather is warm and dry, the few clippings can remain on the lawn without being damaged. This small clippings dry up very quickly and do not burden the lawn. It looks different if there is a lot of clippings. Then it should be used for mulching or put on the compost.

Plenty of clippings - rakes to protect the lawn
Especially when the clippings are very rough, for example because the lawn has reached a great height, or when the clippings have already clumped in the lawn mower due to their high moisture, it is necessary to remove them from the lawn. If a lot of clippings are not removed, a fermentation process occurs, which damages the lawn because it lacks oxygen.