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The kiwi doesn't bloom - 2 reasons

The kiwi doesn't bloom - 2 reasons

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If the kiwi does not bloom, there can be several reasons

The kiwifruit varieties available in garden centers for hobby gardeners require an average age of around six years before they bear fruit for the first time. Is the plant around this age and the Kiwi doesn't bloom, there may be different reasons.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Either the cut is too intense or else
  2. nitrogen fertilization is too intensive.

Both reasons can also prevent flowering in combination. These faults, individually or in combination, can stimulate vegetative growth, but this is disadvantageous for the flowers.

The general rule of thumb is that fruit wood with an age of more than three years only bears very poorly. The regular cut should therefore only be carried out for a renewal of the fruit wood from the main branches.

Lack of trace elements in the soil
If there is no fertilization or if the soil is very chalky, there is also the possibility that the soil is deficient in trace elements and that the flowers will therefore not appear. The fruit of the kiwi generally takes place on the short shoots, which are one year old. If there is late frost, there is a good chance that the flowers on the kiwi plant will fall victim to frost. Optimal frost protection for the plant is then required here.