Plan and create a garden pond

Plan and create a garden pond

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A garden pond creates a nice ambience

There are enough lovers of garden ponds. It creates a nice ambience, but it also does work, but the attractive sight makes you forget the drudgery of the beginning. What to consider if you have one Plan and create a garden pond find out here.

  1. First you should dig a hole; the size and shape are up to you.
  2. Either you buy a finished garden pool or pond liner and line the hole with it.
  3. After you have let in water, the pond must first rest so that the water can adapt. In this case, adapting means that a biotope must first be formed. For this purpose, bacteria settle in the water.
  4. The edge of the pond can be lined with stones.
  5. The plants are also planted in special soil at the edge of the pond.
  6. Gargoyles or fountains are welcome. This provides the water with oxygen.
  7. Only when the plants have grown can the fish population be brought in.

Every now and then you should change part of the water to keep it clear and clean. Algae control is also interesting. Especially in summer, algae are created by the sun's rays. In contrast, there are special algae control agents in specialist shops. If you regularly maintain your pond, you will enjoy it a lot.