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Cigarette ash against aphids

Cigarette ash against aphids

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Cigarette ash helps against aphids

Aphids are well-known pests that are not easy to control. Therefore our tip: Cigarette ash against aphids use.

  1. The cigarette ash must be sprinkled on the bottom of the plant. The ashes are then drawn into the ground. Aphids do not like the smells and gradually stay away.
  2. You can also add the ashes to the water in the watering can and spread them over several plants at the same time. The mixture should have an even ratio and be stirred well. However, you shouldn't water the plants with it, just shower it. The entire process must be repeated several times.
  3. In addition to destroying aphids, cigarette ash also acts as a fertilizer. However, it depends on the correct dosage, because too much cigarette ash in the soil could also damage the plant. In addition, a liquid fertilizer can be used to return more nutrients to the earth.